How To You Say (and Spell) 'Love Of Family' In Italian?


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Love for your family is one of those things that has become synonymous with Italian culture. Family is at the very heart of Italian social values, and this is reflected in everything from popular TV adverts for pasta sauce through to the existence of underground criminal 'brotherhoods' like the Mafia.

To convey the phrase 'Love of Family' in Italian you could use the expression  'L'amore per la famiglia'. Amore is the Italian word for love and is pronounced [ah-mo-ray], and the word famiglia (meaning family) is pronounced [fam-eel-ya].

And if you're ever looking for proof of how much Italians love their family, look no further than the startling finding of a recent survey by ISTAT (The National Institute for Statistics) that a shocking 72.8% of Italians between the ages of 18 and 39 still live with their parents! Now that's what I call family love.

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Literally translated is: "amore della famiglia" > ah-mo-ray deh-lah fah-mee-glee-ah.
For short translations from English into French, German and Spanish go to >>
However, I wouldn't recommend using this for essays or anything as sometimes it translates words that may mean a different thing, incorrectly! :s

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