How Do I Write 'One Love' In Italian?


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The phrase 'one love' is best translated into Italian as un amore, although semantically this may not be the translation you are looking for.

The use of the expression 'one love' is associated with a number of popular sub-cultures, most of them related to music. Amongst them, we could include the Reggae, Hip-hop, and R'n'B scenes.

In this context, the expression 'one love' is used to mean a global or universal love and respect that transcends race, creed and colour.

Although its origin is undocumented, one possibility is that the use of 'one love' as a means to convey a universal love and respect stems from the infamous Bob Marley line "One love, one heart. Let's get together and feel all right" - from the song 'One Love/People Get Ready' that featured on the 1977 record 'Exodus'.

Whatever its exact origin, the phrase certainly enjoys significant popularity, with one of its main uses as an interjection expressed in place of saying 'goodbye' to someone.

If you're looking for an equivalent Italian phrase to use as a salutation that connotes a sense of fraternity with someone, you could use the exprssion bella zio which actually breaks down into bella - the Italian word for 'beautiful'; and zio which is Italian for 'uncle'.

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