How Do You Say, 'Beautiful Love' In Italian?


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The phrase 'beautiful love' can be translated as amore bello.

The placement of the adjective bello is quite flexible in Italian, but as a phrase, this is the most natural way of wording it.

Claudio Baglioni, a popular Italian singer, has a love ballad titled amore bello, clips of which are available on youtube. The phrase can also be found fairly often in popular Italian art, literature and film.

The word 'amore' in Italian is masculine in gender, so even if you were described the 'beautiful love' you feel for a woman, you would still refer to the love as being bello, in the masculine form, rather than bella, which is the female equivalent. You may also want to use the superlative bellissimo to describe love as being 'very beautiful'.

Other Italian Expressions For Romantics

Other romantic Italian expressions you might find useful are l'amore della mia vita which means 'the love of my life' or amore che non conosce confini which translates in to 'love that doesn't recognise boundaries'.

There are various websites on the internet that offer a number of Italian phrases and quotations pertaining to love. One example is, which is a site hosting a collection of love phrases divided into frasi per tema (phrases by theme) and frasi per giorno (phrases by day), as well as offering articles on the latest Italian celebrity gossip and fashion advice.

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