How Do You Say, 'Forever Love' And 'Believe In Love' In Italian?


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The Italian expression that best translates into 'forever love' is l'amore per sempre. To say 'believe in love' you could use credere nell'amore.

The Italian word for love is amore and is used in both these expressions.

Forever Love
The word 'forever' is written as per sempre in Italian. Another useful phrase you could use, and which is also commonly associated with amorous displays, is senza fine which translates into 'without end'.

Amore per sempre was used as the Italian title for the 1992 American movie, 'Forever Young' featuring Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Believe in Love
The verb 'to believe' in Italian is credere in the infinitive form and appears in the translation of this phrase 'believe in love', rather than the use of the imperative tense, because this sentiment is far more commonly expressed in this way, rather than the imperative which can sound unnecessarily aggressive in Italian.

To say 'I believe in love', you would conjugate the verb credere to io credo which would give you the phrase io credo nell'amore. Incidentally, this is the title of a number of Italian pop songs, including a duet by the singers Gianni Morandi e Alessandra Amoroso which you can listen to live renditions of on youtube.
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In Italian "forever Love" is written as "per sempre amore"


Believe In Love is written as "Credi nell'amore"

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