How Do You Say 'Really' In Italian?


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Veramente is one Italian translation of the word 'really' and derives from the root word verità which means 'truth'. There are a number of synonyms for the word veramente depending on the context in which the word is used. The word can be used as both an adverb, and as an exclamation expressing surprise, interest, or doubt.

One example of veramente used as an exclamation would be the following:

Person A: Ho passato tutta la mia infanzia in campagna. (I passed all my childhood in the countryside)

Person B: Veramente? (really?)

Another word that is linked to the root verità is davvero. The word can be used in pretty much every way the English word 'really' is found. For example, the phrase 'who do I really love?' could be translated to chi amo davvero? whilst 'Is it really too late to have a baby?' would be è davvero tardi avere un bimbo?.

Realmente (pronounced reh-al-ment-eh) is another word Italians might resort to when looking for a word to convey 'really' or 'actually'.

Effettivamente is the literal translation of 'effectively', but probably enjoys more use than its English counterpart.

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