How Do You Say, 'I Want You Very Much' In Italian?


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To tell someone 'I want you very much' in Italian, you could use the phrase ti voglio tanto.

There are a number of variations on this phrase, and it's also worth noting that the very similar phrase ti voglio tanto bene has a considerably different meaning.

'I want you' in Italian:

The verb 'to want' in Italian is volere, which conjugates in the present tense as follows:

-io voglio

-tu vuoi

-lui/lei vuole

-noi vogliamo

-voi volete

-loro vogliono

The pronoun used before the verb: ti, refers to the second person singular.

'Very Much':

To express a large quantity of something, the use of tanto is very common. It simply means 'a lot' or 'much', and its superlative tantissimo also gets used frequently.

Other alternatives to tanto/tantissimo are molto which has much the same meaning as tanto, or troppo which actually means 'too much' but in Italian can be used to describe an 'overly large quantity' without specifically implying a negative connotation. 

One last suggestions is the more colloquial un sacco (a sack), which is similar to the English use of 'a bunch' or 'heaps'. 

NB: The use of the article 'lo' before this phrase, as in lo voglio molto as some people have suggested is inadvisable. It is the equivalent of 'I want it very much' and will, in most circumstances, cause people to think you are being sleazy rather than affectionate!
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"Lo voglio molto". That is all.

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