How Do You Say I'm In Love In Italian?


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In Italian, 'I'm in love' is translated as sono innamorato if the speaker is male, and sono innamorata if the speaker is female. The Italian word for 'love' is amore, and sono is the present tense of the first-person singular form of the verb essere which means 'to be'.

Interestingly, innamorato (or innamorata) as a noun can also double as the word for boyfriend (girlfriend), lover or sweetheart.

And if you've ever tuned in to watch some Italian TV, or perhaps flicked through an Italian gossip magazine, you may have been perplexed by how many Italians are seemingly concerned about being struck by 'lightning bolts'. This is because the Italian translation of the phrase 'a lightning bolt' is un colpo di fulmine which is the equivalent of the expression 'love at first sight' in English.
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"I'm in love" in Italian is "sono innamorato" (if a guy says it) and "sono innamorata" (if a girl says it)!
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