What Does Stifled Mean?


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The word stifled is the past tense of the verb to stifle. The word stifled means smothered or concealed or hid. Smothered, suppressed and strangled are the past tense forms of the verbs to smother, to suppress and to strangle, respectively.

These verbs are related to the verb to stifle. The word stifled also means suffocated or impaired someone's respiration (or breathing) or obstructed the passage of air into the respiratory system of a person. When the word stifled is used in the context of suffocation, it means asphyxiated and refers to a person who has died from the lack of oxygen.

The word which is closest in meaning to the word stifled is the word smothered. It means held (something, such as a cough, a yawn, a scream or laughter) in check with difficulty. A stifled horse suffers from a condition in which its hock is immobilised. This immobilisation is temporary but recurring. This is caused due to the locking of the patella and can be corrected through surgery.
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It means to be tiseismicsubfo. That strong, smothering sensation you get when your overwhlemed....its tiseismicsubfo!

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