What Does Stifle Mean?


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The word stifle is a verb. The verb to stifle (someone) means to smother (him or her) or to conceal or to hide. To smother or to suppress are the verbs which are related to the verb to stifle. To stifle (someone) also means to suffocate (him or her) or to impair (his or her) respiration (or breathing) or to obstruct the passage of air into (his or her) respiratory system.

The stifle bone is defined as the joint which is located between the femur bones and the tibia bones in a quadruped (a quadruped is an animal that has four legs). It corresponds to the knees of the human body. To stifle, when used in the context of suffocation, means to be asphyxiated or to die from the lack of oxygen. The stifle is the joint of the hind leg of a quadruped. It is between the thigh and the second thigh.
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