What Does Koala Mean?


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A koala is also called a koala bear. It is a small, herbivorous mammal that has a pouch that resembles a bear. It is native to the island continent of Australia. It is an arboreal marsupial. In other words, it is an animal that lives in trees and feeds mainly on the leaves and bark of the eucalyptus tree.

The scientific name of the koala bear is Phascolarctos cinereus. It is also sometimes spelt as Phascolarctus cinereus. The koala is a thickset, sluggish animal. Koala bears have grey furry ears and coats.

Koala bears are the only representatives of their family, the family Phascolarctidae. Koala bears are similar in appearance to their closest living relatives, the wombats. They have a thicker, softer coat, their ears are larger and limbs are longer than those of the wombats. Their limbs have large and sharp claws which assist them in climbing the trees.
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