What Does Kipper Mean?


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The word kipper is defined as a type of fish which is cured by the methods of splitting, salting and either by drying or smoking. It is eaten as a breakfast food in the United Kingdom. Kippered herring, which is considered to be a delicacy in England, is either cooked by the method of poaching, grilling or baking.

In other words, kipper is a herring which has been salted or smoked. A kipper is first slit from head to tail. It is then eviscerated before salting and smoking. Herring is typically used to make kipper but salmon is also used sometimes. Basically, kippers are made using any variety of fish which is found in great numbers during the spawning period.

Spawning fish are usually not eaten fresh, as they are not good when eaten fresh. They usually arrive in abundance, and hence they are salted and then smoking. Salting and smoking the fish helps to improve the flavour and preservation of the kippers.

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