What Does The Name Medina Mean?


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The name Medina is a city name. This city is located in the Hejaz region of west Saudi Arabia. The original name of the city is Madina al-Nabi. The name indicates 'city of the prophet'. Madina is just the short form of Madina al-Nabi. Madina means city. This city is the second holiest city after Mecca in Islam.

Medina is rarely used as a female first name. This name is popularly used as a last name. This surname has its origin in Spanish. The first family using the last name Medina was found in at a place called Medina which was named so because of the Muslim occupation. Later, it moved to Castile.
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The word Medina is of Arabic origin and when ever you are using the word you are conveying the idea of the city of the prophet.

Sometimes the word is being used as a name for a girl child but the most popular meaning that the word conveys is that of a city based in Saudi Arabia. The city is considered as one of the holiest sites for the believers of the Islamic religion and is considered as second only to Mecca, also in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims the world over find the place one of the holiest because it has the prophet's mosque. They believe that if you pray once in this mosque it is equal to hundred times of pray in any other mosque in the world.
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