What Does Kippered Mean?


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The word kippered is the past tense form of the verb to kipper. The verb to kipper means to cure herring, salmon or any other variety of fish by salting and smoking the fish. Therefore, the word kippered means fish (either herring or salmon) which has been cured by salting or smoking.

It is derived from the Middle English word kipre, which is, in turn, derived from the Anglo-Saxon word cypera, which means spawning male salmon. It is, in turn, probably derived from the word cyperen, which means of copper, from copper, which means copper. It is derived from the same root from which the word copper has been derived because the fish is of the same colour as copper during its spawning season.

Kippered herring means smoked and salted herring. Herring is defined as the valuable flesh of fatty fish which is native to the northern Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, which is usually salted or pickled.

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