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Mal de ojo is a certain thing that happens when a child is given an eye "mal de ojo" if the child keeps wining and has high fever, and for some reason the child is taken to the doctor and shows no symptoms is because they gave him/her "the eye" this happens when powerful people or people with negative energy sees a little baby for too much time as a envy sign. An old tradition is to get an egg and touch the skin of the child's entire body, put the egg on half a cup fill with water and that represents the eye. Use " basil " a plant that cures and tie it together gentle sweep the child with the basil Warning: Make sure he has no allergies, sweeping the child with basil indicates that there is a cleaning process trough his body going on, that takes the eye away and soon he/she will feel better, make sure to always go to the doctor too. Note: The "ojo" can still be done to adults depending on the condition that doctors and physicians can't cure or not aware of.
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The word 'ojo' is used in Spanish language. It has its origin in Latin. Ojo is taken form the word ocŭlus. Unlike English, the words in other languages, like the French and Spanish, are differentiated as masculine and feminine. This word 'ojo' is a masculine word. Its plural is ojos. Ojo means 'eye'. It is also used to derive some other terms. One of such terms is 'mal de ojo'. It is a Spanish translation fro evil eye. Other example is 'anteojos'. It is used to denote an illness, especially of the eye.

This word is also used in an interjection – iojo! 'Iojo' means look! Watch out! Ojo could also mean a spring that is surrounded by grass. It is considered to be an oasis.

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