What Does 'Hitched' Mean?


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The definition of hitched is simply the joining together of two things, or to connect things together.  In modern terminology, people use the word "Hitched" to mean getting married. I believe this term was associated with marriage originally during the 1800's when most people traveled by wagon train.  When two people got married, you would literally hitch on the wife's possessions to your own waggon.  Thus the term "getting hitched" originated.
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The word 'hitched' is a past tense of the verb 'hitch'. Hitch has its origin in the Middle English and is obtained from the word 'hytchen'. The word 'hytchen' stems from 'icchen' which means to move or jerk. When someone hitches something, he fastens or catches it temporarily, especially with a loop, hook or noose. Hitch could also mean to attach someone or something, to a vehicle. For example: he hitched the bulls to the cart.

If you move or raise something by pulling it or by giving a jerk to it, is also termed 'hitch'. For example: he hitched up his suspenders. Here it means, he raised his suspenders by pulling them upwards. The verb hitch is also has a slang use. Here, hitch means to marry. For example: they got hitched last week. Hitched could also mean hobbled, espoused, limped, mated, stretched, wedded or shifted.

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