What Does Griffin Mean?


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The word Griffin is derived from the Greek word gryphos which is considered as a legendary creature with the body and head like that of a lion. It has upstanding ear tufts and the wings of an eagle. Just like the lion is considered as the King of beasts; this creature was powerful and majestic in size. It has four limbs, wings and a beak with eagle like talons in place of lion's forelegs. Some writers describe the tail like that of a serpent. They were traditionally regarded as having an aversion for horses. Legend says that Griffins were sacred to the Sun and ancient artists represented the chariot of the Sun pulled by the griffins. They were said to dwell in the Scythia steppes that stretched from modern Ukraine to central Asia.

Gold and precious stones were profuse and when strangers come up to gather the stones, the creatures would soar on them and rip them to pieces.
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It means the sexiest most beautifulest person in the world  its legendary and very beastly

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