What Does 'Introverted' Mean?


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The word 'introverted' is used as an adjective term for introvert and it describes a person who is always indulge in his own thoughts and seldom care about what is going on in the present surroundings. The following sentence can convey the idea well as it is used in the context: His teachers were amazed to see him performing on the stage as they always believed him to be shy and introverted person. The sentence mentioned above says that the person was thought to be indulged in his own thoughts and it is not the quality a person performing on stage should have.

The antonymous term of the word is extroverted and has also come from the same root and the part 'ex' conveys the idea of outside while 'in' conveys the idea of inside.
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An introvert is someone that is shy or turns things inward. Technical definition is to concentrate inwardly.

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