What Does Neophyte Mean?


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The word neophyte is defined as a person who has recently joined a fraternity or a sorority. Fraternities refer to groups of male students at a university and sororities refer to groups of female students at a university.

The word neophyte is also used to refer to a person who is aware of only the conscious mind. He has had an initial glimpse of a band outside of the conscious mind. Some examples of such experiences are astral projection, which is the temporary drawing up of the attention into an astral body, a spiritual peak experience in which the person is momentarily united with the ensouling entity, which is an inner feeling of the sense of the infilling and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

In the early stage of the history of the church, a neophyte was a Christian or Roman Catholic who was recently baptized and had just received the sacraments of initiation. A neophyte was a mission Indian who has newly been converted to the Roman Catholic faith.
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It means that in the mission they had people to help the king  the mission had lots of helpers and thats is what it is!!!

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