What Does Fraternity Mean?


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Fraternity is another word for brotherhood. The word "fraternity" and "sorority" are often used to explain many public and charitable organizations.

The expression "fraternities", informally abridged to "frats", usually address to all-made or mixed sex associations, the female corresponding is known as sorority, a term initially used in the year 1874. Despite the fact that the term sorority was established for Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Delta Pi was in fact the original society to fit the sorority model, which was a secret sisterhood created in the year 1851 at the Wesleyan College.

There are many types of fraternities like social, service, professional and honorary. The most familiar form of fraternity is the societal fraternity. Nearly all these fraternities were initially founded on dedication to principles like community service, sound learning as well as leadership qualities, despite the fact that a number of them have developed into entirely "social".

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