What Does Proteus Mean?


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Proteus is a sea god in Greek mythology. He was the shepherd of Neptune, whose flocks of sheep embraced all species of marine creatures such as fish and seals. He received the gift of prophecy. Proteus could also assume different shapes and disappear according to his own free will. The name Proteus literally means quick in changing faces.

Pro-te-us is the correct pronunciation of the name Proteus. Proteus was an ocean deity who was known as the prophetic old man of the sea. He was believed to be either a subject or a son of Poseidon. According to Homer, Proteus is a native of the island of Pharos. He was able to appear in several different forms.

It also means a genus of gram-negative, facultitatively anaerobic bacteria which are shaped like rods. They belong to the family Enterobacteriaceae. This family comprises actively motile and pleomorphic organisms. The colonies of these bacteria exhibit the swarming phenomenon.

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