What Does Gird Mean?


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The word "gird" in its verb form has the following meaning; encircle or secure with a belt or a band or to surround or encircle with a material to secure it tightly. The phrases using the word "gird" that are commonly used are gird one's loin's or to gird oneself for something which means to prepare and be to be firmly strong to tackle something which is very difficult.

The other meaning of the word "gird" in its verb form can also mean to make cutting or critical remarks. In its noun form it may mean a critical or taunting remark.

  One can refer to any dictionary such as the Webster's dictionary, Oxford dictionary to understand the meaning of this word. You can also refer to an online dictionary such as the Webster's dictionary to get the meaning as well as to listen to the pronunciation of this word.

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The verb "to gird" means to attach, or secure with a belt or band (you could say "Her skirt was girded by a belt.") The word girdle, which means a tight corset to keep the waist in (or the bones around the pelvis) , is related to this. People also occasionally use the old Biblical phrase "to gird up your loins" meaning to get ready for work or action.

Gird is an old English word. It is related to the noun girth, which means the meaasurement around something (tree, waist etc.) We still talk about "increasing girth" meaning putting on weight. A girth is also a band put round a horse, to keep its saddle in place.

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