What Does Proto- Mean?


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Proto- is a prefix. It is defined as something which indicates a precondition or an early stage of development of certain features. One of the words which begin with the prefix proto- is the word protothionic.

Proto- is the prefix which basically indicates the first or earliest or original. The prefix proto- is a word used in combination with a word such as protolanguage. The word protolanguage is defined as that which refers to the hypothetical ancestor of a language or a group of languages.

Some of the related phrases to the prefix proto- are proto-oncogene (the plural of this word is proto-oncogenes), proto-Norse, proto-industrialisation, proto-Indo-European and proto-punk (which is also written as proto punk). A proto-oncogene is defined as a normal gene that can be altered, either by mutation or by inserting viral DNA to become an active oncogene. Proto-industrialisation is defined as a preliminary shift away from the agricultural economy and the emergence of industrialisation and capitalism in Europe. It led to the Industrial Revolution.

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