What Does Luminous Mean?


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Luminous means something that emits light
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The word luminous has a Latin origin and is taken from the word lūminōsus. Lūminōsus is derived from lūmen or lūmin which means light. The word lūminōsus was modified by the Old French as lumineux. Later, it was adapted by the Middle English. Luminous is an adjective. Something which emits light is addressed as luminous. The light referred is generally self-generated. For example: sun is luminous hot body.

Luminous could also mean 'full of light or illuminated'. For example: luminous hands of a clock. Here, luminous denotes shiny or that give light. In the example: luminous room; luminous indicates well-lighted. Something that is clear or easy to understand is also termed luminous. Fro example: luminous prose or luminous theory. Luminous could also mean inspiring, intelligent, or enlightened.

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