What Does Swindle Mean?


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The word swindle can be used both as a noun and verb and when you are using the word as a verb the meaning that can be figured out is to cheat somebody so that money can be taken from the person. When the word is being used in this context it is usually used in association with 'something out of somebody' and the person who is involved in the process of cheating is attributed with the name of a swindler or conman. Given below is a sentence that is very important to make you understand the word well: When he was in Las Vegas they swindled him out of a big sum of money.

When you are using the term as a noun it describes a situation in which a person uses illegal methods to get money from a company or from another person.
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Swindle means to cheat,steal,trick,dishonestly,obtain,lie,con,rob,backstab,decive,defraud

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