What Does Displacement Mean?


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Displacement tells why things sink of float. In moves water away when the object is sinking.
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The word displacement is defined as the weight or volume of water displaced by a ship or any other floating vessel. A file (in computer terminology) is said to be displaced when the absolute byte position of the file is relative to the beginning to the file. The displacement is defined as the location from where the view begins. The displacement of a file is distinct from the displacement of a typemap.

Displacement is also defined as the forced removal or evacuation (of people) from their normal positions or places of origin during a war. The word displacement may also be used to mean a change in position. Displacement may also be a translation, a rotation or a combination of the both of them.

To displace a target is to move the target in order to avoid an attack. It is also synonymous with evading, avoiding or dodging the target.

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