What Does Disposable Mean?


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The word disposable, which is commonly associated with words such as income and contact lenses, is defined as a material which is free or available for use or disposition. It is designed to be thrown away or disposed of after use. A disposable is an element used in a water filter. It is intended to be discarded, done away with or replaced after just one service cycle.

In an organisation, the term disposable employees are used to define those employees who are employed to render their services on a part-time basis. The disposable employees are temporary, in the sense that they work for the company only during a certain part of the year (usually when the regular employees are on leave) or for less than the normal working hours per week of the firm. They are also called contingent employees.

Disposable income also means the income of person from which personal taxes and non-tax payments have been deducted.

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