What Does Leche Mean?


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Leche can be referred to an album. It was album that was released by a Mexican rock band called Fobia. This was basically their third album. One of the greatest hits of this band is Miel de scorpion. This song also strikes today among all Rock en español fans. Some of the other great hits from this band are Los cibernoides and Plastico.
Some of the track listings are Plástico, Los cibernoides, Fiebre, No me amenaces, Miel de scorpion, Perra policía, Regrésame a Júpiter, Maten al D.J., Tú no me asustas and Los cibernoides. The band comprises of Paco Huidobro on the guitar, Leonardo de Lozanne on Vocals, Cha! on Bass, Iñakion on Keyboards and Jay de la Cueva on Drums.

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