What Does Sepia Mean?


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The term sepia has its origin Greek language and is taken from the word sēpiā. Sēpiā means cuttlefish. Later, it was adapted by Latin as sēpia (cuttlefish and ink). Sepia is used a noun as well as an adjective. Sepia is a genus which constitutes cuttlefish. The word sepia has varied connotations. Sepia is a dark-brown ink. Initially, the secretions of cuttlefish were processed to make this ink.

Any picture drawn with this ink is also called sepia. Photograph especially made in brown tint is termed sepia. A colour that ranges between dark olive brown and dark yellowish brown is also called sepia. When something is described as sepia, it is considered to possess the colour of sepia. Fro example: sepia blanket. It means a blanket of the shade of sepia.

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