What Does Septuagint Mean?


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The term Septuagint has its roots in Latin. It is a modification of the word Septuaginta which means seventy. Septuaginta is composed of two words – septem and –ginta. Septem means seven and –ginta means ten times. The Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek and that Greek version is Septuagint. Septuagint holds the translation of the scriptures as well as new and variant additions. The translation work was carried out in Alexandria.

This name was picked up from its Latin work named 'septuaginta interpretum versio'. It means 'translation by seventy interpreters'. It was named Septuagint as it is supposed to have been translated by seventy- two Jew scholars. They performed this task for Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Septuagint is considered to be the usual form of Old Testament by the earlier Christian Church.

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