What Does Stereotype Mean?


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Stereotyping is usually a negative or liming belief about a certain type of people which applied to everyont who belong to that group....
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The word stereotype refers to a term used in UML (the full form of this abbreviation is unified modelling language) which is defined as a new kind of element of the model, which is defined within the model and is based on an existing kind of element of the model. Stereotypes may extend the semantics, but not the structure, of pre-existing meta-model classes.

A stereotype is defined as an exaggerated image of the characteristics of a particular group or community of people. This word was coined by Walter Lippmann in the year 1922. By the word stereotypes, Lippmann meant the pictures in our heads.

A stereotype is usually a negative or limiting belief about a certain type of people which is applied to everyone who belongs to that group. These stereotypical notions are preconceived. It is a mistaken idea that some people have about cultures other than their own. A stereotype can often be hurtful and damaging.
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A stereotype is a popular belief about specific types of individuals. Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of groups based on some prior assumptions. Another name for stereotyping is bias.
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Isn't stereotype a group of characters!?

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