What Does Jacobi Mean?


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Jacobi is a female name. It is derived from the Hebrew language and is the female counterpart of Jacob. Thus it is a variant of Jacob. It is rarely given to a male. Jacobi is also a very popular surname. It means the same as Jacob i.e. Supplanter or "held by heel".    Jacobi is also the name of a lunar crater. It is situated in the southern highlands on the near side of the moon. It is surrounded by craters like Lilius crater, Cuvier crater and the Baco crater. It is named after Karl GJ. Jacobi was a great German mathematician and an inspiring teacher as well. He is one of the most famous people with Jacobi as his surname. Thus it means enlightener.
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The Jacobi polynomials, also known as hypergeometric polynomials, occur in the study of rotation groups and in the solution to the equations of motion of the symmetric top. They are solutions to the Jacobi differential equation, and give some other special named polynomials as special cases. They are implemented in Mathematica as JacobiP[n, a, b, z].

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