What Does Sojourner Mean?


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A sojourner is a temporary resident. It pertains to any individual who stays in a place for a relatively short period of time. The term sojourner is frequently used in reference to short term visitors, tourists or strangers to a place.

The word sojourner is a derivative of the word sojourn, which means a short stay. Sojourn is derived from the Middle English word 'sojournen' and the Old French word 'sorjorner'.

Sojourner Truth is the self given name of Isabella Baumfree. She was a fiery African American abolitionist. She was born a slave in Swarteill in New York in 1797. She was an eloquent and inspirational public speaker. Her most famous public speech was 'Ain't I a Woman?' which she delivered at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851 in Akron in Ohio.
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A sojourner is one who intentionally supports a grieving person through the wilderness of grief.

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