What Does Spawning Mean?


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It means that toad or frog are laying eggs.
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Spawning can be used as a noun or as a present participle of a verb. Spawning is the process by which an organism, especially an aquatic animal produces its offspring. The synonyms of the word "spawning" are breeding, reproduction, procreation, proliferation, multiplication and propagation. The archaic meaning of the word was used to imply "an increase."

Spawning is biologically defined as the production or depositing of eggs in huge amounts by aquatic animals. Spawning can also mean "to give rise to."

Here are examples of the usage of word in a couple of sentences:

1. Cross border terrorism seem to be spawning in the militant pockets of this country.
2. Salmon reed is known as the space at the bottom of the ocean that a spawning salmon uses for laying its eggs.

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