What Does Spectacular Mean?


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Spectacular is something which is brilliant and worthy of public acclaim. A spectacular feat or performance is both thrilling and sensational at the same time. It is a visual treat, an audible wonder or both.

Some of the synonyms of the word "spectacular" are stunning, impressive, extravagant, fabulous, fantastic, marvellous, fascinating, and incredible. In fact any of the adjectives one can conjure up with respect to something which is enthralling suits the synonym for spectacular. Live stage shows, circuses, lighting effects, special effects, outdoor advertising with neon lights or a riveting performance in a movie, play, speech or in the field of sport merit a spectacular response. A spectacular performance or display usually gets a second look, an encore, or a round of applause. Nothing however was spectacular about the entry of the word in popular literature for the first time in the year 1550.

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