What Does Soiree Mean?


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A soiree is a party where the invited guests are carefully chosen. It is usually an evening reception and is often used in reference to a glamorous, classy celebration. The word soiree is derived from the Old French word 'seree' which means 'at a late hour'.

A Soiree is only one of the many kinds of parties held in modern times. There are three kinds of parties- namely those that are organized to celebrate something, those that are held just to socialize or unwind and those parties which are held for some specific interest.
The first kind of party is that which is held to commemorate some landmark. It may be to celebrate a birthday, to celebrate a graduation, to celebrate a homecoming and so on.

The second kind of party are those held primarily to relax and unwind. It may entail inviting a few friends, relatives or neighbours over for a quiet drink or a cosy dinner.

The last kind of party are those held for some particular interest. These were relatively obscure in olden times but have become very popular in modern ones. These may include cast and swinger parties.

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