What Does Gavel Means?


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The word gavel is a noun and the origin of the word is not known. Generally, gravel is a small hammer that is used by a judge or by a chairman of a meeting to draw people's attention or conclude a transaction. You must have seen or heard that the auctioneer uses or bangs a gavel to represent the end of auction or as a gesture for attention. The use of a gavel indicates the discussion or the topic has ended.

A gavel is used in masonry. The mason uses a maul or gavel for fitting stones. Gavel as a verb means 'to compel something by using a gavel'. For example: the judge tried to gavel the vociferous advocates. There is yet another meaning for 'gavel'. The ancient or medieval England used the word 'gavel' for 'a tribute or rent'. It originated in Old English as gafol and was modified by the Middle English.

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