What Does Austere Mean?


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The word austere is defined as severely simple in case of objects or rigid in case of people. Austere people are known for their stern, strict bearing or demeanour, their forbidding aspect and their unwavering rigidity. Ascetic people are known for their austerity and their practice of being extremely frugal or practicing an extreme level of self-denial.

Austere wines are those wines which are extremely young in age, and hence they are tough, dry and unforthcoming. This could also be, as is the case with most ascetic wines, because of the typical structure of ascetic wines which is unyieldingly tannic or the level of acidity present in an ascetic wine, which is apparently very high. Ascetic wines are somewhat hard, as the name suggests, and the amount of fruit used in the production of an ascetic wine (and hence the character of the wine) is severely restrained. Young wines are highly acidic and hence austere.

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