What Does Avail Mean?


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It means availability
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To avail is to use something to one's advantage or benefit. It is also defined as to be of use to or to be useful to someone. Expressions such as of no avail imply the helplessness of the individual who is the subject of the expression. It is a means of serving. To avail is to take or use something.

An avail is cable television advertising parlance is a spot or time period for an infomercial which is available for use. It is also defined as a commercial break between two segments of a normal network programme. These programmes are allotted to the local cable networks and used for the insertion of commercials which are of interest to the local residents of the town in which the local cable network is operating.

Avail is a 1980's American punk/rock/post-hardcore band. The members of this band originally held from the northern part of the US state of Virginia but now live in Richmond, Virginia.
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If you are asking about travel it means there is space that can be used,a seat etc....if you are talking about lodging it means the room is empty,hope this helps you

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