What Does Rubbish Mean?


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The word "rubbish" is a noun that refers to garbage or refuse or any other waste, trash or junk. Any thing worthless can also be referred to as rubbish. Rubbish also means a foolish discourse or any nonsense that one is talking or speaking. Rubbish can also be used as a verb to refer to disclaiming what another is saying. The word is derived from the Middle English word "robishe".

Rubbish in its sense as waste can be in solid, liquid or gaseous states. Rubbish is generally discarded by every individual, family, community and municipality. Several forms of rubbish like plastics, glass and scrap metal can be recycled and in various other forms of household rubbish can be composted and mixed with the soil once again. Rubbish can also be burnt in incinerators and electricity harnessed.
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Rubbish mean that if you say "stop doing that rubbish'' than that means you said ''stop doing that nonsense''. So rubbish means nonsense,

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