What Does Acquisition Mean?


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An acquisition is defined by the dictionary as an asset or object bought or obtained. It can also be an act of purchase as one company buys another. Aside from business, it can also be used to describe the cognitive process of learning or developing of a skill, habit or quality.
The most common usage of the term 'Acquisition' is in a business capacity. The phrase 'Mergers and Acquisitions' is indicative of how it features in business finance strategy and the administration process; dealing with things like amalgamations and, of course, the acquiring of other companies. Acquisition can take place by an antagonistic takeover, in which a company buys the major chunk of outstanding shares of the company it wants off the open market, against the desires of the target board and forcing them to relinquish control.
In the US military, a fair amount of jobs feature mention of Acquisition. This is part of the military acquisition process. As part of this the military arranges deals in terms of provisions, be they services or products, and sets up trade relationships so that they get the best deals and keep their provider in business at the same time. The symbiotic relationship of military and commercial links has always been around and quite often pivotal. Don't be afraid of it sounding overly technical though; it's the same process of purchasing and trade agreements as most other industries.
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It means to gain possession. Like for example with companies you either merge with another company of you take over the company.
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Acquisition means the act of acquiring or gaining possession. It is commonly used in the phrase Mergers and Acquisitions. It generally indicates the feature of business finance strategy and administrational dealing with the amalgamation and acquiring of various companies. Mergers generally are a tool used by corporate for the reason of increasing their operations and with that their profits.

Generally mergers occur in a consensual background where decision-makers from the target company assist those from the procurer in a due meticulousness process to make sure that the deal is lucrative to both the parties.

Acquisition can also take place through an antagonistic takeover by buying the major chunk of outstanding shares of a company from the open market against the desires of the target board. In the USA, business laws keep changing from state to state.
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It is the process of collecting and organizing information. In other words you can say that, When a firm buys another firm.

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