What Does Demonstrative Mean?


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The word "demonstrative" is an adjective form of the noun "demonstration" or the verb "to demonstrate." Something which seeks to prove or validate is known as "demonstrative." For example, consider this sentence which makes use of the word "demonstrative": The swashbuckling century of Paul Collingwood was demonstrative of his batting prowess.

In Grammar, the demonstrative adjective signifies a thing or a person. Words like "this", "that", "these" and "those" are demonstrative adjectives. For instance: This apple is ripe and red. (The word 'this" is a demonstrative adjective because it modifies the noun "apple". The aforementioned set of words can also be used as demonstrative pronouns. For example: This is ripe and red.

The word "demonstrative" can also imply an open feeling of warmth and joy. For instance: Ken was a guy who was always humorous, demonstrative and full of love.

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