What Does Provost Mean?


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The word provost is defined as a person who holds a very high position or rank in the administration of a university. The word provost has been derived from the Old French prevost, which is also the root for the modern French word prevot. The word, has in turn, been derived from the Latin word praepositus, which means set over. This word has, in turn, been derived from the verb praeponere, which means to place in front.

The word provost is also defined as a title which is attached to various ecclesiastical and secular offices. The word was introduced into Scots (the national language of Scotland) from French. A provost was the leader of a burgh council in Scotland. The word provost, when used in this context, was the equivalent of a mayor in other countries of the world where English is spoken. The title of provost is rarely used now.

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