What Does Scarlet Mean?


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The word scarlet is defined as a variable colour which is a vivid shade of red. Scarlet is a bright shade which sometimes has a slight tinge of orange to it. In other words, the word scarlet red basically means red. It is said of the colour which lies at one extreme end of the spectrum, next to the band which is orange in colour. Scarlet resembles the colour of such things as blood, cherries, tomatoes and rubies.

Scarlet is also the colour of a flame. It is a darker shade of red than vermilion. It was the name of a type of cloth made of wool, which was common in England in the medieval times. The name scarlet refers to the actual cloth and not its colour.

Will Scarlett, a character in the legend of Robin Hood, is probably believed to have derived his name from this type of cloth. It was a last name based on one's occupation, in much the same way as several other last names which are based on one's profession, such as Weaver, Cooper, Fletcher, etc.
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Scarlett means beautiful star.

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