What Does Puckered Mean?


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Puckered is best explained as something that is drawn up in to folds or wrinkled. For example 'hearing this comment the woman's full lips puckered'. It may also mean to gather something like say for instance fabric, and then sew it tightly together.

A macular pucker is a thin rather delicate membrane that grows on the retina. It is responsible for blurred or distorted vision as it eventually distorts and contracts the retina of the eye.

The term 'pucker factor' is defined as an assessment of the fear factor, in other words, an assessment of any risks or obstacles that an upcoming task or mission may entail.

Pucker is also the name of exotic schnapps. It is a subtle deliciously sour apple liquor. Its flavour has often been likened to apple flavoured candy. It contains fifteen percent alcohol and is made by Dekuyper a leading brand in fruit schnapps.

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