What Does Pout Mean?


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Pout means "to sulk." The action of pouting is done by protruding the lips, expressing discontent. Often the fairer sex and children are associated with pouting or expressing their displeasure by puckering their lips. A pout can also be a "come hither" flirtatious sign in disguise, used by women to attract men who catch their fancy. Pouting is one of the prominent facial expressions used by human beings and to some extent by animals. A pouting face can make one feel loved or annoyed depending upon the frame of mind at that point of time.

Pout is also a kind of fresh water or marine fish thriving in the bottom of northern seas like an eelpout or hornpout. Fish by nature are also known to pout. The other synonyms of "pout" are brood and mope.
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Means to sulk.
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It means like your sad and well you know who your parents say stop pouting that means stop being so sad. Well I think.
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It means sulk

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