What Does Purse Mean?


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The word purse is defined as a bag. It is a container which is used for carrying money and other personal items or accessories of everyday use which are small in size. They are used especially by women. A purse is also defined as a sum of money which is spoken of as the contents of a money purse.

There is also an expression to purse one's lips. The expression to purse one's lips means to contract one's lips into a rounded shape. However, the most common definition of the word purse is a small bag which is used to take money and other small articles of common use. A purse is a sum of money which is offered to the winner or winners of a prize. The verb to purse is defined as to pucker or to gather or contract into wrinkles or folds. The term purse is also used at the race-track.
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it means bag duh its a bag thats glittery with lots of style and a thing that you use to carry it with purses are way better versons of bags because there so popular almost everyone uses them and there useful!
If you got a boring old bag that keeps falling or breaking go to the store and get yourself a purse!
One with style glitter and pink purple would do
It'll help
Go get yourself a purse TODAY! ;)
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The word purse can be used both as a verb and as a noun and if you are using it as a noun it conveys the idea of a kind of small bag that is made of leather or plastic and people use it for carrying coins, paper money and credit and debit cards also. Though not necessarily, a purse is usually used by a woman and she carries her various wares in it.

The word can also be used for the amount of money that has been allotted to an organisation for a particular purpose. When you are using the word in the sports arena it says about the money that is given to a boxer as his prize money.

You can also use the word as a verb and in this way you are required to use the word in association with 'your lips' and it says about the shape of your lips that is in tight round shape and usually you use the shape to show your disapproval about something.

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