What Does Puyallup Mean?


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Puyallup has its origin in Native American tribal language. This language is used by the Puyallup people. It is given that the meaning of the Puyallup is 'seeker'. Another piece of information states that 'puyallup' means 'generous people'. The tribe settled in a region of Washington which is known as Tacoma. Originally, this tribe spoke Puyallup language of Salishan origin.

There is a river and a town by the name Puyallup. Initially, this was the site of Puyallup tribe. The name brings out the giving nature of the places. The river holds species like Cho, Chum, Chinook and pink salmon. The endangered species, bull trout is also found here. The Puyallup city is in Pierce County in Western part of Washington. This city faced destruction in 1855. The Puyallup and the Nisqually Indians were responsible for damage. This area originally belonged to these Puyallup people.

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