What Does The Flag Of Laos Mean?


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The symbolism of the flag of Laos stems in part from its colours and from the round disc in the centre. The flag consists of a three stripe horizontal pattern of the colours red, dark blue and red. The blue in the centre is twice the size of either of the red stripes that form the extremities. In the center of the blue lies the white disc with a diameter of eighty percent the width or height of the blue stripe vertically.

The red colour here represents blood. It refers to the blood that was inevitably shed during Laos's struggle for independence. The blue colour symbolizes the wealth of Laos. The white disc is the full moon on the river Mekong. It is also symbolic of Laos's unity under the government of the Communists.
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The red is blood. The blue is symbolized for wealth. The white symbolizes the the moon.

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