What Does Garnish Mean?


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The word "garnish" can be used as a noun as well as a verb. As a noun, garnish means a substance which is used to make a dish or drink looking decorative and appetizing. A garnish results in added flavor to the food though the main purpose of a garnish vis-a vis a condiment, is purely ornamental. Actually it is the addition of condiments which actually makes the food tasty; however a garnish makes the dish "appear tasty and mouthwatering." For example, when parsley is showered on a dish of potatoes, the color looks enhanced and attractive and so does a chocolate mousse when colored leaves are added. . An addition of a celery stalk in a drink like blood Mary is another example of a garnish.

Garnish or garnishment can also mean the money given when someone is directed by the court to give a part of the income to a third party, especially in cases of Child Support. Garnish can also be used for fashion accessories like a purse or jewelry. As a verb, the word garnish means "to enhance the value of food by decorative means." For instance: The waiter garnished the dish with sprigs of parley to make the food look exotic."

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