What Does Patriotic Mean?


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The word patriotic is an adjective and it describes a kind of person who has great love for his country. There are other words also that are based on the same root and you can find the words patriot and patriotic that describe different forms of the same phenomenon. Given below is a sentence that can help in illustrating the meaning of the term: Joan of Arc was really a patriotic person. The above-mentioned sentence says that Joan of Arc loved her country very much and therefore the use of the word is being done here.

The word can also be associated with anything that is related with the love of someone's country. You can use the terms patriotic songs and also patriotic acts for the kind of songs and acts respectively that can evoke emotion for someone's nation.
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A patriot loves their country and will go to the greatest links and sacrifice the most to help the country they live in. They know no boundries when it  comes to helping the land they love and  doing  things as simple as saying the pledge in my mind qualifies you as a patriot.

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